Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We had a great Father's Day celebration!
First, Marty & I went to the early service at church.
Then we had to stop by Costco for some things for his store.
After that, we came home & made banana pudding to take to Eric & Erin's house.
Marty mowed the grass while I finished the pudding.
Then we went to E&E's house for lunch.
The Dad's were, Marty, Curtis (Erin's dad), Shorty (Erin's grandfather) & Eric!
Also there were, Curtis' wife, Ann, Erin, Amelia, Ian (Erin's brother) & me.
Erin's grandmother passed away a few weeks ago.
She was 90.
Her grandfather was sad. They had been together for 71 years!
He is 91. He did enjoy playing with Amelia!
I know the 2nd pic is a little blurred, but it is so sweet!
Eric grilled burgers for lunch.
After lunch, we went out back.
Amelia played in her little pool.
She loves it!


We had a lovely day!
Yesterday I watched Amelia so that Erin could take care of some business!
That little angel is so much fun!

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