Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey y'all!
Life has been busy so I haven't taken the time to blog!
Eric & Erin will be closing on their new house at the end of the month!
Nonna will be doing a lot of babysitting when they start moving!
Marty & I are adjusting to life without his Mom!
We are enjoying spending time together alone!
Amelia & I went to Fairmount today to surprise Poppy at work!
Erin was able to have a few hours for herself!
Tomorrow, I will be spending most of the day sorting coupons and planning shopping trips!
Hopefully, I can work in some time for menu planning too!
I need to get as much of my work caught up as possible so that I'll be ready for all that time Amelia & I will be playing together at the first of next month!
And speaking of work, that is what I must do!
Time to get off the laptop & get to work!
See ya soon!
As I leave you for today, I'll post another pic of Amelia's trip to Athens in July!