Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

I haven't talked about our Christmas yet!
I started off the new year talking about my personal goals!
So, now let me tell you about Christmas!
Sunday, Dec. 23rd., we went to church at our home church, Calvary Baptist in Smyrna!
Our pastor spoke on "The Value, Benefit & Joy of Joy!"
It was a very encouraging message on true joy.
Joy is not happiness!
Happiness is based on outer circumstances ( things that happen in life).
Joy is based on inner circumstance (invisible; a relationship with God).
On Christmas Eve, we had  our annual family Christmas party at our home!
This year, we had new family in attendance; Amelia of course, and Erin's aunt Pam & uncle Johnny!
One of my brothers & his family were not able to attend. We missed them!
Then on Christmas morning, we went to Eric & Erin's house for brunch & to see Amelia open presents!
She loved tearing the paper!
We had a lovely brunch with them & with Pam & Johnny.
It was so much fun to spend time with family & enjoy Amelia's first Christmas!
She also enjoyed touching the tree & looking at the lights!
We are amazed at what a miracle she is!
God has truly blessed us with this precious child!
She is doing so well!
We are thankful to God for this little miracle!
I hope all of my friends had a wonderful Christmas too!